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Services We Offer

R & R Remodeling - Handyman Services

Handyman Services

Leaking faucet, non working outlet, loose handrail, small drywall hole, or just about anything you need fixed around the house.

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Plumbing Services

Is it time to upgrade your kitchen faucet? Shower that won't stop leaking?

Need a new outside water spigot?

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Electrical Services

Want us to install a new ceiling fan, new dining room light or maybe you need a new GFI installed.

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Repairs or new installations.

Chain link or Privacy.

We have your options surrounded.

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Doors and Windows

Are those old windows losing too much money?

Maybe it's time for a storm door.

Does your front door seal properly?

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Bathroom Services

Running toilet costing you money every day?

Want a new vanity installed?

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Painting Services

Nothing freshens up a room like a new coat of paint.

What color is in your future?

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Flooring Services

Is it time to update your flooring?

We specialize in vinyl plank for that sleek new look. 

We handle all other floorings as well.

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Kitchen Cabinets

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. Does yours need an update at a price you can afford? Maybe just a new countertop?

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Siding Work

Do you a piece of loose siding or soffit? Maybe the dated look of your home has you feeling embarrassed by the neighbors.

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Trash Removal

Old unused items cluttering up the garage or basement? Don't want the hassle or cost of a big dumpster.

Doors and Windows
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